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The Modern Marketing Playbook: New Tactics to Try in 2019


With the start of a new year, comes the exciting opportunity to make a refreshing new start. The gyms are flooded with people trying to reach their fitness goals (or drop those extra holiday cookies), and people are making lists to get organized and healthy. Your数字营销计划没有什么不同。因此,在2019年,为什么不决心发挥创造力,并为您的工作做一些不同的事情和/或content marketing strategy。互联网每天都在变化,因此重要的是要保持环境灵活并相应地更新您的现代营销剧本。

In honor of the new year, I wanted to share a few of our new-year marketing resolutions with you. Give one or all of these tactics a try to see what sticks for your business!

Explore Facebook Messenger Bots



You may have noticed the growing number of businesses that are starting to utilize Facebook messenger for one-to-one communication with prospects and customers. For consumers, it’s an easy, convenient platform that'salready part of their digital routine。And, Facebook showcases the standard response time for each organization you message, so more active pages have a chance to start more conversations.

与第三方公司这样的公司chatfuel,MobileMonkeyManyChat,很容易为Facebook Messenger

  • What is a Messenger Bot?本质上,机器人是一个简单的计算机程序,可以自动与用户聊天的过程。尽管他们可能无法回答消费者遇到的每个问题,但机器人可以回答常见问题并帮助用户将用户伸向他们的问题。

  • 开始使用机器人:The most common bot-builder platforms are easy to use and don't require any coding. Think about how you can use them to automate customer service, nurture your leads, or stay top of mind with your prospects and customers!

Start a Facebook Group for Your Business

Chances are that you are probably a member of a group on Facebook. There are all types of groups out there. So, if you are a member of a Facebook group socially, you may be wondering how to best utilize the same concept for your business.



The number one thing you'll want to avoid on your business Facebook Group page is being salesy. Just like your blog, you want your content in the group to be educational and unbiased. Answer members' questions quickly and share useful information.

Give Trigger Emails a Try

Emails are still a solid marketing tactic, but there is a lot of competition in this area. And to make it even harder, Gmail's promotional tab can make it harder to break through to your customers.

So, how do you rise to the top of the competition in your ideal customer's inbox? What if you could send an email at the exact moment you knew they would be looking at their inbox?


Trigger emails do exactly that. They watch the behaviors of your leads and learn when the best time to send an email would be. Using machine learning, SaaS companies likeSeventh Sensecan analyze the behavior of your email list to identify the day and time that's most likely to drive engagement for each individual person on your list.

Test Long-Form Content

content pillarsto长LinkedIn posts, there's been a shift towards longer content (as long as it's interesting and useful).


After several years of prominence for micro-content, it seems like people are starting to engage with longer content online. If you haven't already, try playing around with longer social posts, videos, podcasts, and blogs to see how your audience responds.


Organize Your Site's Content with Topic Clusters



It's now more essential than ever to spend time combing through the content on your website and putting together topic clusters that allow search engines to better understand the flow between the different pieces of content on your site.

If you aren't familiar withcontent pillars and topic clusters, I'd suggest you start with this overview post


The way we search is changing drastically. Just ask Alexa, or Siri, or Google Home.

With the prevalence of digital assistants, it's important to optimize well-performing content for voice search. If you have pages that are ranking on the first page of Google, make sure that your content is optimized to answer questions quickly and efficiently.