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Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are tailor-made to share your stories. While social media management often falls under the private club marketing umbrella, it's more about connection and storytelling. However, when you use私人俱乐部营销的社交媒体,,,,you need to use analytics to measure success – analytics provided by each platform and other tools, likeHubSpot’s Social inbox

有各种各样的社交网络可用,因此您可能会在多个渠道上感到压力。无论您在哪里集中精力,都必须制定明确的社交媒体策略,并致力于一致性,以充分利用自己的努力。在这里,我们将重点关注与俱乐部最相关的四个:Facebook,,,,Instagram,,,,推特, 和LinkedIn


2.7 billion monthly active users, Facebookremains the most popular social network in the world. From a marketing perspective, Facebook serves as a powerful platform for building a community of advocates and increasing word-of-mouth marketing. In order to grow your Facebook fan base, you need to make your company page on Facebook as discoverable as possible. Here are a few things you can do to help make that happen:

  • 完全填写您的公司信息。除了您的位置,联系信息和工作时间外,请务必概述您的业务提供的内容以及指向您网站的链接。

  • 戴尔伍德乡村俱乐部Facebook页面邀请现有联系人喜欢您的页面。Reach out to your friends, family, and existing members and clients and ask them to “like” your page on Facebook. You may be surprised at how many people on your friends list – and your members' friends lists – are interested in following your club.

  • Integrate Facebook into your other online channels.在您的博客和网站页面上使用Facebook的社交插件(包括喜欢的框和类似的按钮),以鼓励人们参与您的页面,而无需在Facebook上找到您。

  • 通过共享内容添加价值。If you’re in tune with your buyer personas – representations of your ideal customers – you'll have a good idea of what resonates with your audience. Even if you've found relevant content created by someone else, share your own content like blogs and member and staff stories more often than reposts. (See the next section for more information about personas.)

  • Use Facebook advertising to reach your target market.Facebook的人口统计目标能力可以帮助您吸引可能对您的俱乐部感兴趣的人。使用基于内容的广告吸引您的角色并链接回您的网站,您可以在其中捕获他们的信息以创建新的潜在客户。

  • 利用Facebook小组参与。Groups on Facebook are a great way to increase engagement with a specific group from your club. Consider creating a group just for members and share your photos, member events, and specials there.

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下载HubSpot的免费指南How to Attract Customers with Facebook,这将帮助您掌握有机和付费的Facebook剧本,以获取更多的流量,潜在客户和成员。


和more than 1 billion active users(几乎一半沉重的用户),Instagram非常适合提高俱乐部的品牌知名度。Instagram允许您以友好,真实的方式推广俱乐部和文化,而无需直接销售。以下是为您的俱乐部创建Instagram帐户的一些提示:

castiglion del bosco instagram page

  • 共享原始内容。Share content that resonates with your ideal personas and uses hashtags that are meaningful to them. Be sure to interact with people who engage with your content. Like their comments, respond to their direct messages, and get friendly with the people interested in your club. (Learn more about social listening in the section below.)

  • 吸引更多关注者。确保您的用户名可识别且可搜索,并优化您的个人资料。发布内容并鼓励其他人分享。遵循相关帐户,受欢迎的主题标签,并与有趣的内容进行交互以使您的帐户看到和遵循。




榛树国家高尔夫俱乐部Twitter页面Twitter是一个社交网络的人分享messages with the world, 280 characters at a time. As of February 2021,there are 192 million active daily users on Twitter, 包含多数35至65岁- 即,许多私人俱乐部的目标受众。


For the vast majority of clubs, there are well-established tactics to attract quality followers for your club’s Twitter account:

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LinkedInfor Clubs

greystone golf and country club linkedin pageLinkedInis a popular social network for professionals.Use it to engage with both prospective members and clients as well as prospective employees. This platform is ideal for sharing knowledge and building professional relationships.



  • 如何在您的俱乐部远程工作

  • 利用您的高尔夫会员资格发展业务

  • 10 types of meetings you should host at a country club


  • Optimize your club description on your Company Page.使用引人注目的高质量徽标和横幅图像。完成公司专业中的所有字段并使用关键字。编写一个简洁而有力的品牌描述,其中包括正确的关键字。

  • Update your page regularly with a variety of content.Include your blogs, images, and videos. Be sure to reply to comments from other users. Target your organic updates to a specific audience by choosing a target audience within LinkedIn.

  • 向员工和成员推广您的页面。鼓励他们在页面及其上的内容上分享和评论。

  • 使用展示页面突出显示俱乐部的不同方面。展示页面是您公司页面的子集,可让您详细介绍具有独特消息和受众片段的会员资格或服务产品。如果访问者对您的俱乐部特定方面感兴趣,可以从您的公司页面上找到并关注它们。

  • 使用LinkedIn组。加入LinkedIn相关团体的members (both other clubs and prospective members) as a way to participate in relevant discussions and demonstrate leadership in your space.

  • 考虑LinkedIn广告。赞助更新和LinkedIn广告可以根据职业水平,行业和专业兴趣等特定的人口统计数据来帮助您将内容推广到非常精确的目标受众。




An important part of leveraging social media for your club is to understand what conversations are happening online and recognizing when you should respond. It's called社交听力,在这里,您可以通过社交媒体与观众进行一些最有意义的互动。


  • Google警报- 为您的俱乐部,品牌,服务,领导者,行业条款等设置Google警报。警报将直接发送到您的电子邮件收件箱中,它们是跟踪您俱乐部和网络上相关关键字的好方法。

  • 社交媒体管理工具- 诸如HubSpot的社交监控,Hootsuite和Sprot Social之类的工具可让您一次观看多个社交媒体供稿,因此您不会错过有关俱乐部,行业和服务的说法。

  • Social Inbox- 除了社交监控外,HubSpot的社交收件箱还将您的社交媒体关注者列表连接到联系人数据库。在这里,您可以颜色代码并确定成员,客户和潜在客户的优先级,以便您可以将时间集中在对俱乐部最重要的对话上。

Making the Switch to Native Content







So what can you do as a club to be seen on social?

  • Utilize social media groups wisely.无论您使用哪个平台,小组都是互动的,并允许更多的关系建设。由于小组更多地专注于进行对话,而不是让页面推开内容,因此他们没有像算法中的页面那样受到惩罚。

  • Create and post native content for your target social media channel.驱动您的大部分流量和LinkedIn的潜在客户?可能是时候考虑如何发布更多的本地内容,使人们在LinkedIn平台上。

  • 考虑提升和促销。At the end of the day, if all you want is for more eyeballs on your content, paying for ad space can fast-track it. Think about ways to maximize the reach of your best content by promoting it through the ads platforms. (Just make sure you're paying for visits to your site, not engagement on the platform itself.)

社交媒体对私人俱乐部来说是一项艰巨的任务,但这也是机会之地。了解每个平台如何benefit your marketing strategy at large,然后选择最能满足您俱乐部需求并定期和一致地交付的策略。没有专门的社交媒体经理,您将不太可能实现所有这些策略,因此将重点放在您认为会带来最佳结果的策略上。